Jun. 28th, 2011

SBD: day 2

Jun. 28th, 2011 10:24 am
greenxyzcannonball: (love hate)
10:23 am
Trying to figure out if I could make pancakes with some sort of egg and ground nut/seed mixture. This would undoubtedly be easier to test if I had a blender or a food processor.
In other news 5 1:30 intervals today, although I punked out on the last two - only 1:15 on those. Woke up an hour later than usual and the extra heat didn't help. Also there are more people out at 930ish than at 830ish, including a good looking guy in glasses walking his dog. :) Improved scenery was appreciated.

11:18 am
crudites for breakfast. well it could be worse, I suppose. At least the Alouette garlic & herb cheese spread tastes sort of like ranch.
On an unrelated note: I had a geekgasm a minute ago when I saw two of my favorite authors were twittering to each other. *squee*

5:56 pm
Still missing carbs, although I'm trying to find ways around them. Trying to focus on proteins - nuts are officially my new favorite snack - but I still feel like meat is an unnecessary pain in the neck. I don't want or need meat every day. I feel like if I am looking at this from a purely biological standpoint, humans would not have had meat every single day. Every couple of days, probably, but I'm willing to bet most days were nuts, roots, plants - which is more my preference anyway.
I know I am a nutritionist's worst nightmare by being very picky and lazy to boot, but I'm trying to work within the confines of this diet, and so far so good. I haven't had a bite of pasta, bread, rice, fruit or pastry since Sunday - which is terribly unusual for me (please don't ask me how bad I want a huge plate of pasta with a side of garlic bread right now. Also, I have discovered a latent craving for krispy kremes - no doubt because I have a coupon in my wallet for a free dozen. Too bad I can't use it one donut at a time).
However, I have had a little success in meals although I am not used to food prep taking this long.
First, cheese chips/taco shells + nacho fixin's (beans, lettuce, sour cream greek yogurt)
Cheese chips tasted really good - although it is important to keep 2 points in mind: let the cheese brown - all of it; make an even layer of cheese so it's not holey. Also important to note is to use paper plates topped with parchment paper...I tried this on both regular plates and on a triple thickness of parchment paper. The paper plate helps soak up the inevitable grease. That being said once you load them up, I didn't much miss the corn chips I would normally have. The greek yogurt substitution was a last-minute thing; I got some to try for later so when my sour cream was found to have started raising new life forms, I just used the greek yogurt. It tastes a lot like sour cream (so I probably wouldn't eat it alone) but hopefully the yogurt bacteria will keep me from the problems I have with milk-based products. On the whole very good.

I'm going to try my mom's classic baked ziti recipe with spaghetti squash either tonight or tomorrow. I had the squash with a little butter and parm cheese with oregano; the spice gave it more bite and it was rather good.


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