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So tomorrow I'm going to start Phase 1 of the So___ Be___ Diet. I am trying to be cautiously optimistic - y'all know I love love love my carbs, and for phase 1, you have to cut way back on them. So for the next 2 weeks (at least) I'll be eating veggies and protein - it's a lot like the Adkins diet but not so dead-set against carbs and it doesn't advocate eating a lot of fatty foods like butter or bacon. My last meal was a Homewrecker jr at Moe's...ugh, definitely feeling it atm.

I bought a couple of things at Publix - chicken breasts, more veggies, hummus and mushrooms (thanks Shayna!), and eggs. I'm not a big fan of eggs but I am going to try my level best to learn to like them. I'm going to try an omelet tomorrow - which should be interesting considering I've never made one before. Also no soy milk for phase 1 :( but I can have tea :) which is great because I have a LOT of tea. Like, it's getting old. Green teas, herbal teas, black teas - including more varieties of Earl Grey than any sane person should have. Only downside is no sugar (sugar substitutes like splenda are allowed - what's best? splenda, truvia?). I can drink herbal or green for a day or two - I've gotten to where I don't take sugar in those, and only 1 tsp in black tea.

Also, I intend to keep up with my new (slightly modified) running program. Basically running doing warmup-intervals-cooldown on one day, then wii-fit or weights the next. I want to try to find a belly dancing video - I think it'd do wonders for my core. I'd like to join a class money coming in right now, so I need to do this cheaply. Might spring for a mirror to put in my living room though.

I'll try to post every day or two, because I think it'll be helpful for me to document what is and isn't working for me. Wish me luck!
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