SBD: day 1

Jun. 27th, 2011 05:08 pm
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So, worst part of this diet for me is trying to find breakfast food. I don't really do the smoothie route - I like solid food for breakfast - and anyway there are no fruit on this part of the diet. I can have soymilk which is good but the omelet I had yesterday was rather bleh. I don't really like meat for breakfast and my opinion of eggs still hasn't been changed (I don't care for them). So breakfast was ants on a log and cheese.
Spaghetti squash is great if you doctor it up a bit.

The hardest part of this diet for me is that I don't like meat much. Given the option I will almost always go for starch or even veggie before meat. This diet is of course trying to push you to eat less carbohydrates and more veggies and meat. Veggies I can see, but meat...I'm seriously considering just going vegetarian. Easier except I don't know how to cook meat substitutes (like tofu) either. And before you ask, no, it's not an animal cruelty issue; it's simply that I don't care for the taste and texture of most meats. Fish, now, I might could do on occasion. I <3 sushi. I've gotten to where meat = chicken for me and I'm kind of bored with it.
Dinner will probably be half a chicken breast sauteed in mojo marinade with steamed veggies though. (I'd rather have black beans and rice, but I can't have rice -_-)

I'm still craving carbs. I can eat until I KNOW I'm full but I don't feel full. It's like my brain is going "Where are my freakin' carbs? Keep eating!" even when there's no room left.
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