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Today men are frustrating me. Well, more specifically, D. I found some silly little buttons while I was cleaning and thought he'd like them. So I told him I had something small for him and if he had his same office I could leave it on his corkboard. He suggested I meet him at lunch (which is really rare since we don't have similar schedules any more) so I said I'd like to, although I was planning to go for a lettuce wrap or a salad but I could wait a bit. He said he'd have 15 minutes and he'd be out by the krishnas, i said ok. He said his new gf would be there and said he'd rather have what I was going to go for. I replied "I'd be cool with you joining me but I don't think I'm up for dealing with new and probably awkward." He said "I wasn't saying for [gf] to join. I'm literally just sitting out here waiting for you. [GF] has to go shortly."
So I walk out toward there and I'm trying to find him. I see him sitting with someone so I lurked around trying to figure out if the person was gf or another friend of his. He spots me and starts walking toward me with the person who is obviously a girl. So I turn and walk very quickly for his office, leave the envelope and go get lunch. I text him "Hmm. Well, envelope is on your board. I'm headed to dg." "And I'm not happy that me saying "hey not up to this today" got read as "let me try to force her anyway"." "And that sucks because I did want to see you today. Oh well."
Later I texted him "Hope you like the buttons. Found them while I was cleaning and thought you'd appreciate them more than I." and then "If you have time I'm on break 3:45-4:00."
I got back "Sorry, in a meeting now. I've been teaching/meeting and haven't responded yet. Sorry" He passed by me as I was walking to my car and I KNOW he saw me. Still haven't heard anything yet.
I'm pissed because I don't like surprises and I said "I'm not up to this today". I feel like he showed me disrespect; it doesn't matter if he said "hey let me introduce her" or if she asked, he knew I didn't want to do that today. Plus, we had already discussed me meeting her and agreed it was awkward, so it's not like he didn't know my feelings. Maybe it was rude of me but I just wanted to see him, not make small talk with a girl I don't know and don't really want to know. She got mad at him for something she found on his computer and hacked his twitter account to post dozens of nasty tweets. You can't tell me there's not a cache of that somewhere. I'm sorry but I really doubt she can change that much that fast. I wouldn't trust her as far as I could pick her up and throw her over my head.

Also tomorrow I have to figure out the best way to tell a guy I appreciate his invitation but I'm not accepting (and basically I'm friend-zoning him). Sigh. He's nice, sort of, but he just puts me off a little somehow. Something about him just tells me that I can't trust him.

My favorite fighter at practice commented that it was good that I came to practice wanting to fight and I wasn't acting like a groupie. I told him that I was here to fight, and if I wanted something else, I'd've asked for it, but not while I was here to fight. Now any other time, he's sexy and I'd go for him but I almost feel like he was warning me off.

Men, how do they work?!


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