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Dear residents,
We were so happy to have you as residents this year at the University Residence Halls. There are a few things that we ask you to keep in mind as you move out.
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Once you've checked out properly and turned in your keys, said goodbye to your RA and packed your car, we hope you will have a safe trip home!

The Desk Assistant
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I'm tired.
Halfway through exams. I had two multiple choice this morning. I was averaging about three questions a minute. about 20 minutes per exam, 60 questions each. Easy peasy. I only had a few that I wasn't fairly sure about on either so I never bothered to check beyond "Yes, every number that's supposed to have a bubble has a bubble". Yay for this lovely little speed-reading thingumy. Sometimes I wish I knew how I did it. It's hard for me to explain things to other people when it's like breathing to me.
I have a skit in Japanese this afternoon. I just want to get it done with. It's 5%, so I do want to do well. I'm afraid I'm going to be afraid. I hate that. Who cares what other people think about me, right?
Aikido tonight, penultimate of the semester. I want to go. I will go. I'm just really bloody tired. I think Thursday I may go to the stadium at seven am, get to the top and watch the sun rise, then go back to bed. Or maybe do two laps and go back to bed. Something like. Then study Japanese. Break for a few hours, do errands if the car decides to work again (because it's acting weird. again.) maybe watch Bleach. Then sleep. Study. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Until the 12th and I take my exam...
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yargh. I should be doing homework right now but I really don't want to. I'm trying to put all my pieces back together after shaking everything up last semester (new bf, new major....). I'm trying to get back to the stuff I enjoy and maybe try some things I hadn't thought about before.
I went to an aikido practice last night which was surprisingly fun. We did a lot of rolls and learning how to fall correctly before moving on to some more advanced stuff, like putting your opponent on the ground. Pretty much all the stuff we went over consisted of getting leverage against another person and putting them down. I can't really say forcing since there's actually not a whole lot of brute strength required. I tried to keep a journal but I've kinda lost it for now because of the weekend and not keeping a regular schedule. I'm taking a class in archery that mom and dad are trying to encourage me to take pass/fail, but I want to see how difficult it's going to be before I do that. Unfortunately the instructor canceled classes for this week, and I think the paperwork is due next week, so I don't have a lot of time to decide. I heard about a chorus on campus that doesn't require any experience and I may check it out since it's only one night a week.
I dropped a class I didn't think I could handle...I feel kinda like I chickened out but I'm not terribly interested in ancient Judaism, so no real loss. I'm taking a class on business writing, which would normally be kinda boring except it's taught by one of my favorite teachers. It's going to be a challenge...not the writing (I'm not worried about that)but all the other stuff that he likes to assign out of class. Like, go to the career fair! (erm, what? why would I want to do that when I just switched majors and have no clue what I want to do??). That's next week. *sigh* I'm not looking forward to it. But the stock tracking sim thing he's having us do is very cool. My other 3 classes are anthropology which are pretty cool except for people who are more concerned with correcting the professor than letting him teach the rest of the class (who doesn't care about the particulars of fundamentalist christians or the symbols and calls used by bonobos and parrots).
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I'm irked at some things I've found today. On aol I ran across a story about a college student being evicted from her dorm after she attempted suicide and decided to get help before it was too late. I started wondering what UF's policies were on such a thing, so I checked out the housing website. Lo and behold, item I.06 states that "any ... behavior which may cause physical injury or is potentially dangerous to the health and well being of residents, including threats or acts of self injury (such as attempted suicide) or injury to other residents." So theoretically, if I told my RA that I cut myself, I could be kicked out of my dorm. That really encourages people to seek help for depression and other mental illnesses, doesn't it? One of the girls on my floor suggested I write to whomever's in charge and tell them that I feel it's discriminatory as well as a point for possible litigation. I'm afraid-what if they try to kick me out or retaliate down the road? I don't know what to say. What do you think?
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I'm planning to arrange my dorm room by fung shui if I can. I figure if I'm going for an asian aesthetic I might as well go the whole way. And something I'm sure someone will find funny: my bathroom is probably going to be decorated in French stuff.
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Yeah, so I got maintenance to spray for ants. Maybe they'll go away now. I hope so anyway. I have a week and a half of classes, then a week of tests (more or less). I have so much I should be doing right now but I just want sleep. Do you think I am non-cooperative with evil? and how? I have to write an essay about this and I don't know what I'll say.
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Go Gators! Man I can't believe they won the National Championship! Holy Shiznit!
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Could someone please explain to me: why does my roommate finds it necessary to wake up just before my alarm goes off on one of the few mornings I can sleep until 9:30 and she turns on all the lights? Why does she feel that it is necessary to bring her boyfriend over this morning when he was just here last night? Why does she feel the need to openly discuss that they are going to St. Augustine and the beach? Why does she have to mention that she and her sister are going to London and it the Year of Shakespeare so all of his plays will be performed this summer? Why haven't I seriously devised a plan for her demise? (oh wait, that's because I hear the food in prison sucks.) Why does she feel it necessary to rub all this nice lovely stuff that I want in my face? Why does she get to take bullshit classes and pass without studying more than once every two weeks, when I have to kill myself to barely pass most of my classes? Why is possession of unprescribed narcotics illegal? Why is it that I never have time to do anything fun? Why is it that I have to work at home this summer when Scott's staying here and I'm not the one undergoing surgery (unless they decide to cut out my wisdom teeth)? Why is it that I can't just make up my mind to be a happy fucking productive member of society or tell everyone to fuck off and just finish it for once and all? Why is it that my parents don't have the decency to call me so I don't worry that the Italian mafia killed them or that the plane crashed? Why does life always suck and is never any fun? Why do I have to be so damn fat? Why does every day have to feel like being dragged over cobblestones in the cold rain?
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I just found out I get to share the room with the fifth person that I barely know in two(?it may only be one) weeks, AND this one's staying the entire weekend! JOY. God what did I FUCKING DO TO DESERVE THIS!??!? right now I want to hurt someone (oh can't you guess who) very very badly.....besides she's already sick and been hacking and coughing the entire night and refuses to take anything for it. I dunno why maybe it's not organic? I don't get to sleep because modern medicine's not good enough apparently. and now on the one chance I might have to recover my sleep debt, I get: another fucking roommate! I want to scream I want to yell I want to publicly denouce her and kick her out of the room but I can't do that, unfortunately she pays for the room too. I'm tempted to see if I can get a psychiatrist to agree I need a single for my mental health. I will get a single, no matter what I have to do. I'm going to ask the housing guy at Hume what the different deadlines mean so I can be on as soon as I can to get that room. I have a quiz I should be studying for and a bunch of math assignments but I needed to do this first.
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I'm tempted to suggest that "KFC" should stand for "Kentucky Fried Conure". I'm really getting annoyed by my roommate's bird. Yes, it's cute, but it's really not so cute when it's midnight and the damn thing's screaming its head off. Every time a door (bathroom or hall) opens or closes, it starts shrieking. I need a mute button. I also need a canopy but that's another thing altogether. I can't sleep well with lights on and my roommate had to pull an all-nighter last night because she had two papers to write that hadn't gotten done over the weekend. She didn't start working until I went to bed at 11:30. I have to get up at six for classes at 7:25 (hour to get ready, 20 minute walk there). To say that this is a bad scenario is an understatement. So I'm trying to figure out if I can make one and how cheaply, as well as how easily can it be taken down (especially if say the ra were to walk in). I may have a plan but I'm not sure. I ordered fencing gear the other day; we have a mock tournament coming up, more as a break-in-the-newbies than anything else. I'm looking forward to it, but not practice if I don't get a nap today. Maybe that's what I should be doing right now....
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So I spend an hour and a half trying to get all my deferments for this and that and everything (why do they need to be deferred? They, the university, are doling out my financial aid anyway so why don't they just pay themselves first?!) and I finally go to preorder my books and the damn website refuses to function. That's just a royal pain in the ass. Not to mention they weren't clear about what information they wanted so they could overcharge me for the worthless textbooks that I have to buy. Then I go to facebook and start browsing through people in my classes. wow. Read more... )


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