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Really need to get back on the diet thing, as I have stocked my fridge again. When my brother and Lindsay leave for their new home in Vermont, I may be able to.
In other news, family's situation is bleh. Don't want to go into details, but financially it may be tough for a while. Really need a job and am still looking in Gainesville. I saw the house my friend has offered and it's plenty big for me although it will need a good bit of cleaning (I'm assuming that's from the last "tenant"). Can't bitch about the rent though.
Got doll stuff finished and sent. Deadline isn't until 16th so ahead of schedule. Am also doing triathalon and ran too close last time so need to work on #2 tomorrow.

Things I want in a house: claw-foot tub, window seat, new plumbing, BOOKSHELVES, a real pantry, a closet that can be walked in facing forward.
If I ever have a wedding, bridesmaids' dresses = infinity dress. No hassle about styles really so long as we all agree on guidelines (ex shoulders covered, no halters, whatever).
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Man work is tough. Not the fetching-and-carrying, just the constant being nice to hundreds of different people. I now have a syrupy work voice which scares me a little. It sounds like my cop voice.
Being on my feet all day is good though because I'm constantly moving and therefore burning calories. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be back to where I was before the game night potato chips. >_<

I'm getting closer to being able to afford my doll! I decided on the IH Iris after seeing someone's IH Sylvia which is the same size. I really like the Akando they have although he's 70cm - 28" tall! I'm also falling for LeekeWorld's Koji; he has such an expressive face! I'd like to get both but I don't want one of the guys to be a third wheel. Leeke Koi would be quickest to save up for at only 550 plus shipping from denver which is a lot cheaper than akando's 700 + shipping. Although if Penneys works me insanely during the holiday season like I think they will I may be able to get one boy by christmas too.
I'm hoping to get my iris by halloween, it's one of my favorite holidays. Also I have oral surgery to look forward to in the future so I'd like something to distract me. While I've made the deal with myself that I am not allowed to put more than $20 a paycheck in my doll fund, I'm hoping to sell some things and that money *is* going straight to the doll fund!
I've started working on a really pretty dusty rose-colored dress. So tiny though - size 2 needles and sock yarn!


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