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Ok, so I've been doing some thinking, and although I don't *really* do New Year's resolutions, I've found some things I really want to work on.

First of all, the weight. I'm sick and tired of being overweight, feeling like a slob, never finding clothes that fit and never being pretty. I'm going to bitch a lot, I already know that, but I need to lose this weight, if not for my appearance then my health. I'm trying to be better already, I just need to add exercise and good non-starchy food into it all. It'd probably help if I could stop eating while doing other things, like reading books or surfing the net.

Second, my issues with men. I'm not going to get my exMuffinMan back, and although I've been treated badly by men in the past, I need to learn that rude and inconsiderate behavior is not a foregone conclusion. I also need to stop clinging to the relationship I had, and make more friends and strengthen the friendships I have. I need to be able to let go and not be suspicious of time people are spending with others.

Third, I'd like to actually start writing letters to people. I've always liked the faint romanticism behind handwritten letters (and no, my handwriting is not always illegible-only when I'm in a hurry). I have tons of blank notecards, and even if I run out, I've still got plain paper.

Fourth, I want to really devote my time to studying like I'm supposed to do. I want to learn Japanese and really get the most out of my classes. This goes back to 2, mostly; if I can learn to be content by myself, I won't worry about having a boyfriend. Also, with all the energy I've put into that worrying, I could learn more vocabulary or finish those scarves I started, or teach myself the guitar and build up my embouchure for clarinet again.

Fifth, I want to be able to take breakfalls and possibly even make fifth kyu by the end of the year. I want to have a more...harmonious...spirit, where I don't want to bash in the Douchebag's head (he's got enough issues of his own) or anyone else's head, for that matter. I need to learn to let things go. There's no sense in holding on to negative energy.

Sixth, I'd like to revise Sanctuary and Romance and possibly start on another. I had an idea in mind, but it's hitting entirely too close to home and has become difficult to write about. I'd like to stretch my writing abilities, and maybe even write some poetry, which I haven't done in years.

Seventh, I need to find a roommate or two and an apartment. That actually HAS to get done and soon. If anyone knows someone who is fairly respectful of other people and not too loud who will be in Gainesville for the 08-09 school year, let me know.

I will probably be posting things in my lj as I'm working through some of my "issues". You're warned.


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