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It's probably going to come back to bite me in the ass someday, but I find it really funny when someone you don't really care for ends up doing things that require no embellishment to make the person in question sound stupid and utterly un-credible. It's pretty sad when simply telling the facts makes them look like an imbecile. Pauvre douchebag!

and now for something completely different:
Love is eternal: the aspect may change, but not the essence. There is the same difference in a person before and after he is in love as there is in an unlighted lamp and one that is burning. The lamp was there and was a good lamp, but now it is shedding light too, and that is its real function. And love makes one calmer about many things, and that way, one is more fit for one's work. - Vincent Van Gogh

Found it, liked it, posted it. Ta ra.
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wow. mucho updates, except from me. Sorry- will try to do one tomorrow, after I mow the lawn which should've been done today. I should be asleep right now but I got home late and stayed up to catch the phone call telling me Scott was home ok (I make him call me so I know he's not dead on the side of the road somewhere). Now I've stayed up too long- I only meant to check my mail and get off but you know that never happens. I have a gig next saturday at timaquana. I'm afraid someone will recognize me and start talking to me, and then I won't be able to do my job and/or they'll also expect me to be able to pull rabbits out of my ass because they know me. Feh. Glad to hear Becky's sister is safe. I will do the iPod thing at some point. right now sleep sounds really good....
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ok updates: my roommate's ok now, most of her email i think was just her being a bit steamed. mom said they'd probably decided to leave the bird already and i probably unintentionally rubbed salt into the wound. but i think it'll all shake out ok. in other news i learned that yes, hookahs actually do get me high and i don't think very clearly when i'm that out of it. I ended up making out with a guy I'd only seen a couple of times. and yes, scott is mad at me but i don't think he'll dump me-at least he says he won't. It's pretty sad that i need a designated thinker more than i need a designated driver.....
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Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous and ludicrous, but bear with me a moment.
To make good iced tea takes a lot of effort: you have to boil water, pour it over tea bags, let it steep, and sweeten it before it's ready to drink. Relationships take a lot of effort: you have to have a spark to keep it hot, purpose and meaning to give it depth, time to let it develop without rushing anything, and affection to make it worth the trouble.
Iced tea is sweet, Southern, and unique; no two brews are the same. It can be spoiled very quickly if it isn't treated right. Iced tea is different from other beverages; it is special and versatile. No other beverage can go from a funeral to a wedding to a family dinner and be equally appropriate. Iced tea can't be taken for granted; with some meals it is indispensable. Who can imagine a good barbeque or a church dinner of fried chicken without iced tea? Iced tea can go with almost anything a fine wine or a coke could.
As iced tea is, so am I. I can be affectionate, Southern, special, adaptable, and complementary. I too spoil if I'm not treated right. If I am taken for granted, it's only when I'm not there that you realize what you had.
Just a thought I had walking today...
(but it is true that he didn't like iced tea.)
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Things I've learned from dating my boyfriend:
-Don't expect others to follow through on what they've agreed upon. Ever.
-Don't expect chivalrous behavior; chivalry is dead. No doors opened, no helping hand from the car.
-Common respect isn't common.
-Expect to give and give and give, money and time and effort. Don't expect anything in return. You provide everything.
-Having manners and being presentable supposedly keeps one from being "real". (real what?)
-No matter what, there's always an excuse.
-Who cares about other people? Consideration for other people's feelings and concerns isn't necessary.
-The only reason he's dating you is because no one else will think of him as boyfriend material.
-You're not pretty. He doesn't think you're beautiful either but he'll tell you that you are in hopes of getting some action.
-You're too weird for most people, so I guess that means you have to stay with him because no one else will take you.
-Yeah, you do look fat in that. And he wants to help you take it off.
-No one loves you the way you are. No one ever will.
-Anger, whining, and a pout will get most people sucking up to you.
-Work is for losers, you can always find someone to: do it for you, make it easier, or let you out of it altogether.
-No one cares about what you want. What he wants-and won't tell you- is of course vitally important.
-He thinks decisions that are not universally approved of are tantamount to death, so therefore he won't make any decisions.
-You should consider yourself lucky to have him.
-It's ok for him to criticize you for eating junk food after you've admitted you need to lose weight, but God forbid you criticize him about anything, especially his clothes that make him look like a 10 year old or his nonexistent table manners.
-Nothing is more important than the trinity of PC, Xbox, and PS2
-It's fine for him to ignore you but damnation upon you if you don't give him 29 hugs and kisses the instant you see him.
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Well Chaucer is almost done thank goodness. I gave my cellie # to some of the people from my group and I think I've gotten more calls from them in the past couple days than I normally get in a month from someone who isn't my mother or Scott. Speaking of the wookie, he spent practically all of the weekend at my house. He was supposed to go home after church on Sunday but with hurricane weather and canceling church, he didn't get home til today (Tues). Let's just say we got very little productive done all weekend. ^_^; But oh my goodness it was so delicious to just screw around and not do much... even though we both had english projects and java gunk to work on. I tried to cook french toast this morning.... @_@ not good. The toast fell apart, I was too impatient for the pan to heat and heated it too fast, the egg mixture was still all runny, and it just plain wasn't all that good. Grr. ~_~ Oh! Yeah! Crap, I have to make myself sound really bad... I chipped his tooth! I bent over to kiss him and the veneer that had been on there popped off! Yeah, I know...I felt really bad about it...still do, but he said it was only supposed to last 2 years and it lasted 4, so it was bound to come off sometime.... Doesn't make me feel much better about it though.
In other news, while ostensibly doing research for my project *cough* I found this awesome website with all this art stuff on it....I have been entranced by one artist's manga/anime drawings...she goes by the pen(cil) name preciousflame...I am drooling all over my keyboard at her work. I can only dream of having such skill and agility, it almost makes me want to cry. Delicious. So go over to deviantArt and find this lovely treasure trove of drawings, I am too busy ogling to find the correct address to give y'all.
My hands are covered with black ink. I must be doing calligraphy again. I wish I had more pens...


Aug. 17th, 2004 10:04 pm
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Anniversaries are overrated. Just thought I'd let you know. Truthfully, I'm beginning to dislike them because I usually end up disappointed, in a pissy mood, or with a headache. Sometimes all three. Anyway. I'm looking for ways to earn money by writing pointless stupid essays, and also to secure my admission into my college of choice. They have some pretty lame topics too, but that's another matter. I am beginning to despise my roach-infested prison. It's never clean, the bathrooms are usually missing various important things (ie, toilet paper, locks, soap...), most of the teachers really and sincerely do not give a damn, and our principal is-I'm convinced- suffering from a Napoleon/narcissistic complex. Delusions of grandeur that only he aspires to. I personally do not give a roach's ass about Test Scores, or Ranking, or the holy trinity of Sports, Boosters and Cheerleading. I just want to survive this year. I have 4 AP courses, but those are my easy classes. Band, Anatomy & Physiology, and Probability & Statistics are actually requiring more of my time and meager brain power than I want them to. I didn't want band to occupy any time really but for the sake of my GPA (which is probably going to suffer as it is, especially after the C in precalculus) I have to do the work. Bleargh. I think I'm already suffering from burnout; I already have some of the signs: irritability, apathy, sleep deprivation, headaches, depression... I'm wondering how I'm going to get through just school alone, not to mention the teen-led small groups at church. Granted, so long as I read through the information and listen to the sermon that morning, I should be fine at night. Hopefully my teachers will get the homework-maddened glaze out of their eyes by september. I wish I could bring my sewing machine to school and work on the costumes during study hall, but a) the study hall tyrant would probably have some choice comments about that; and b) I need to take it to the shop to get the tension fixed. Hopefully that won't cost too much. Sigh. Anyways, a friend of mine is supposed to teach me how to drive stick-shift tomorrow, which should be very interesting. I also feel kinda bad because I was too busy the last couple days of summer to hang out with my friend Becky and I know she's kinda pissed at that and rightfully so. I'm sorry about that.
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I'm cutting out the fabric for my friend's barmaid costume. The other girl is still on a mission trip so I don't want to cut out hers until I can pin the pattern on her. My fingertips hurt from getting stuck with pins and grabbing the scissors the wrong way. I have about a dozen pieces left to cut out. Back to the slog.
Someone is not going to be named because his little stunt is kind of ticking me off and I'm wondering if I should change all the passwords he knows. I don't want to have to question what he's doing all the time. Grr. This worries me.
My brother just called at midnight. What a dipshite!
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I went back to some sites my boyfriend mentioned during our conversation, which was mostly discussing techie companies, and checked them out for myself. Ok. I now know more than I ever really wanted to know about the video gaming industry. Especially as I still cannot beat the first level of Halo on easy. Sad. I know. I get lost in the service tunnel things to the lifeboats. If there's a pattern to that part I'd love to know it, since I get lost in the same spot every single time. Sigh. I probably should play more and then I *might* get the hang of it. Then again I keep saying I'm going to read my bible more often and we know how often that gets done. I'm not looking forward to another year of school. Senioritis is definitely threatening to strike, and Scott has already warned me he will probably be a basketcase most of this year because he's thinking about college and careers and stuff. So there goes my rock, which means at the end of this year I'll probably be a religious fanatic, completely crazy, possibly hyped up on waaay too much caffeine or dead. or all of the above. Stress and me don't mix well; unfortunately stress and AP classes are just about synonymous. Grr. I'll stop stressing after September 17, which is when I have to have my application in for a special thing at Florida. I haven't looked at the essay questions in two weeks or really even thought about them. Meanwhile my parents are breathing down my back about them and the fact that my room isn't completely finished in their eyes. If I didn't have to worry about upsetting the Gorgon, I'd probably be done. I honestly don't really care about saving 18 000 pictures of me as an ugly baby. or an ugly child. or an ugly preteenager. Or as an ugly teenager. You get the point. Half of the junk I don't know what to do with is sentimental crap that I really don't want in my room. I didn't even get to paint which kinda cheeses me off because I am sick and tired of this whole boring blah beige house. The walls are beige. The carpets are beige. The ceilings are white popcorn ceilings so you can't do anything with them. It'd be one thing if they were going for the whole minimalist look but they aren't. So it's really really boring. Even the new tile they got is beige. It's like they're afraid of color. *Sigh* I keep reminding myself, only one more year until college and I can get out.
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Hm. So today was orientation at my school. Of course, school doesn't start for another 2 weeks, but you have to deal with the administration today. My boyfriend asked me to pick up his stuff for him as he was flying to California for some national youth leadership thing on technology. I knew the teacher who was doing schedules (she did the pageant I was in for the school in January) and she was cool about me picking up his schedule. I go to get lockers, and Luda's doing those assignments and he knows Scott, so he didn't mind a bit either. I get to the textbooks in the library and the helpers find all nine books for both schedules no sweat. I go up to the check out counter, and there's the evil lady from guidance/bookkeeping who hates me, mainly because I'm white. She checks my books after I dig through my purse to find my id, because the sign on the door said you only needed a student number. I ask her to check out Scott's books too, and you'd have thought I wanted to set a fire in the trashcan or something. She said, "I can't do that. We aren't allowed to check out books unless you have a photo id." I told her he was in California, and he'd asked me to get it, and she could confirm it by phone if she wanted to. Well, she still won't do it, even after I tell her she can put them on my card, and I'll be responsible for them, AND the test coordinator, who taught both of us sophomore year offers to vouch for both of us. Finally, I said, "I have a note from him, will that do?" So finally, she checks in his books except for one because the barcode's coming off. I had to go get another one while she moved on to someone else, and then when I come back she acts like I'm wasting her time just by breathing. Plus, she tells me not to go into his locker, but to put all the books in mine. Grr. Stupid paraprofessionals getting all high and mighty, I just hate that. One of the teachers that I think is teaching my AP euro history class was standing there, she'd heard it all, I asked her what I should do about a locker since they're being torn out and replaced. She said, "If you're done, I would put them in your car and get the heck outta dodge." Which is more or less what I did, after I put the books in my car and went back to get my parking decal.
Anywho, about all the problems and whatnot I've been having with my boyfriend scott: I think they're all mostly resolved. Poor guy, he gets off the plane and an hour later he's having to read my vitriolic post. He said he didn't know that some of that stuff was bugging me, and that he was sorry. I admitted that part of it was my fault, and I said I'd do my best to work on it. So, hopefully we've got it all straight and we won't fight or anything about it all again. I was going to stay at his house last night, but his parents weren't home (they stayed an extra day because the flight from South Africa was overbooked) and his older brother was like, "that's not a good idea." Perhaps the voice of experience speaking, but still it was kind of a bummer. It's kind of ironic, because we do stuff while his parents are home, and then when we're actually planning not to do anything, we're told not to. Go figure!
Good news! I found a recipe for a Greek dish I wanted to make. Happy! :)

More quiz results:

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Ok, no more quiz results for a while...I'm sorry, I just get addicted to the darn things! @_@
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People whose boyfriends are half a world away shouldn't go see The only hurts. I miss him. Even if we do fight and disagree and sometimes get terrifically angry at each other, I still Love him. And I can't tell him that I do, because he's somewhere in the South African bush. I don't even know where he is exactly. I'm going to meet him at the airport on Sunday, but every minute Sunday looks further and further away.


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