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Today was a really long day at work. One call in particular is stuck in my mind - someone was calling to find out about the meetings but wouldn't give hardly any information. It's pretty much impossible to set up a meeting with only a name and a city and state. Got told do it anyway and make something up. What's the point of that? Especially when I had info for someone under the same name and the caller wouldn't give me any info to verify?!
If I wasn't getting paid $11 an hour I would seriously be hunting a new job. I might have to anyway. Felt like I was going to puke almost the whole day and I can tell my blood pressure is way high, even right now and it's been an hour since I got off. Now I understand how people can lose weight when they're stressed. Wish I could just have an IV drip instead of having to eat. It seems so pointless to cook anything to have to scarf it down in fifteen minutes only to want to get rid of it less than an hour later. I feel like I'm not really getting anything out of what I'm eating anyway.
Anyone have any ideas? I'm going to start looking for a different job I think...but in the meantime, ways to destress or not get stressed in the first place would be great. or tips for job hunting.
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Man work is tough. Not the fetching-and-carrying, just the constant being nice to hundreds of different people. I now have a syrupy work voice which scares me a little. It sounds like my cop voice.
Being on my feet all day is good though because I'm constantly moving and therefore burning calories. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be back to where I was before the game night potato chips. >_<

I'm getting closer to being able to afford my doll! I decided on the IH Iris after seeing someone's IH Sylvia which is the same size. I really like the Akando they have although he's 70cm - 28" tall! I'm also falling for LeekeWorld's Koji; he has such an expressive face! I'd like to get both but I don't want one of the guys to be a third wheel. Leeke Koi would be quickest to save up for at only 550 plus shipping from denver which is a lot cheaper than akando's 700 + shipping. Although if Penneys works me insanely during the holiday season like I think they will I may be able to get one boy by christmas too.
I'm hoping to get my iris by halloween, it's one of my favorite holidays. Also I have oral surgery to look forward to in the future so I'd like something to distract me. While I've made the deal with myself that I am not allowed to put more than $20 a paycheck in my doll fund, I'm hoping to sell some things and that money *is* going straight to the doll fund!
I've started working on a really pretty dusty rose-colored dress. So tiny though - size 2 needles and sock yarn!
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Dear residents,
We were so happy to have you as residents this year at the University Residence Halls. There are a few things that we ask you to keep in mind as you move out.
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Once you've checked out properly and turned in your keys, said goodbye to your RA and packed your car, we hope you will have a safe trip home!

The Desk Assistant
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Dear Residents,
Welcome to the University residence halls. We hope you will enjoy your stay. Please allow me to address a few issues that will help you have a happier living environment.
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Welcome to On-Campus Housing!
One of the Desk assistants
(who is here at 3:30 am, because all the desks are required to be staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week)
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I hate home football games.

Why, you ask? Why do I hate a nauseatingly boring game taking over my town?
Let me enumerate.

One - every home game, I have to work from midnight to 8 Saturday morning. Every time there's a home game I can't find parking because the bloody University is more concerned with its former students rather than its current ones and kicks everyone off the top two floors of the red 3 parking garage. This ensures practically every spot near work in which I could legally park is taken. Usually the occupiers of these spots are freshmen who don't need their cars here anyway.

Two - Every home game, the streets fill with a riot of orange and blue game-goers, tailgaters, and such like. Well, you comment, this is a good thing, community spirit and all. No. This is a bad thing. A very bad thing. I live on a road near campus, which most of the time is wonderful as I can walk, bike or take the bus to class. During home games, my busy arterial road becomes a parking lot. I can't move my car during home games or I won't have a place to put it, especially for the four hours directly before and after the game.

Three - Lots of tailgaters mean lots of drunken people. I have no problem with drunken people being in aforementioned state, so long as they are responsible and in an area where they do not pose a threat. I consider unintelligent, intoxicated people playing "catch" with a football in the road in front of my car a threat. My brakes are decent, but my reflexes may not be. I also don't care for people playing beer pong or that infantile beanbag game that I suppose is funny when you're drunk enough to like football.

Four - lots of fanatics and casual supporters and students all in the same area produces a lot of trash. This is supposedly why SG and the University supplied these areas of campus with many trash cans and other waste dispensers. This number includes cardboard temporary structures only for "game day". Are these bins, cans, boxes, and bags used? No. Obviously it is much more important to not miss a single second of overgrown boys stretching and being put through their paces like show dogs than to actually throw away the food wrappers and solo cups (which could be recycled).

Five - The line of players tromping into the stadium is treated with an amount of attention more befitting a graduation. It's not an "event" people. It's a bunch of young guys walking into a football stadium. That's it.

Six - If the team wins (which they often do), every person equipped with a horn on their vehicle feels the need to vicariously celebrate the accomplishment of a bunch of boys they don't know by honking their horn. Loudly. Over. And over. And over. Also, it is apparently important to inspire morale and add to the "team spirit" by honking before the game begins as well.
I did mention I live on a major road, correct? Also, that I'm stuck working this absurd midnight to 8 am shift which means I sleep during the day, I did mention that as well, did I not?

Seven - This is a personal prejudice, but I was born in the merry merry month of May. Why was I born in May? and why does this matter in a post about football games and my detestation of them?
Count back nine months from May. I'll wait.
Now, do you notice something about this? Obviously, I couldn't have been born during the fall like many of my classmates in elementary, middle, and high school. Do you know why I couldn't have been born in the fall?

Because Heaven forfend that my parents have to give up a football game once a year for their child's birthday or birthday party. My mother claims it was because she didn't want to be pregnant in summer. This is obviously a lie, as August is not only summer, it is the hottest part of the summer particularly here. It was because they didn't want to miss a single one of these adolescent displays of excess and ennui.
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My day was shit and piss and anal glands. When the day starts late because no one has keys, and the first appointment of the day shreds your hand with its tiny kitten claws while you're trying to get a sample of its "bloody stools" you begin to think it may not be a good day. You know it's not the best when the highlight of your day is holding the cat that just shot out a stream of gag inducing diarrhea which contained a two-and-a-half foot long living tapeworm.
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wow. mucho updates, except from me. Sorry- will try to do one tomorrow, after I mow the lawn which should've been done today. I should be asleep right now but I got home late and stayed up to catch the phone call telling me Scott was home ok (I make him call me so I know he's not dead on the side of the road somewhere). Now I've stayed up too long- I only meant to check my mail and get off but you know that never happens. I have a gig next saturday at timaquana. I'm afraid someone will recognize me and start talking to me, and then I won't be able to do my job and/or they'll also expect me to be able to pull rabbits out of my ass because they know me. Feh. Glad to hear Becky's sister is safe. I will do the iPod thing at some point. right now sleep sounds really good....
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On Thursday, I interviewed for another job with Hospitality Staff (they provide servers for banquets and things like that, technically they're a temp agency). I think I'm in good, I bought my kit and all, but I couldn't make the training session this Tuesday because my manager at the vet clinic wouldn't let me off, since the rest of the staff is training and someone has to see rooms, as well as there's supposedly a mandatory meeting that day. However she also scheduled me for a day I told her I could not be there when I first began working on June 5. I don't know if she realized that I actually cannot be there that day, as I promised my mom I'd make sure dad doesn't hurt himself at work while she's out of town. I swear I think the woman thinks I laze around waiting to be called into work. At least I got a paycheck today. Now I'm only $1300 short.
Anyway, the point is I'm mildly pissed that I'm being forced to miss any opportunity to get the July 4th jobs. Also the manager at Hospitality Staff seemed very pleased that I'd helped spread the word that they were hiring (partly due to the fact that Anna called some people and told them to call); she even hinted I could be a recruiter if I wanted (comment if you want the info and you're in the 904 area). Stupidly I said I already had a part time job and would have to work around their scheduling, which is difficult as the vet clinic schedule is posted 2 weeks at a time, but is only updated every two weeks. So if it's the last week and you need to plan something for the next week you're screwed until the manager decides to post the schedule for the next two weeks. I personally think a lot of trouble could be saved if she made the schedule a week at a time but had a two week buffer- post schedules for this week, next week, and the following week. I wrote the vet clinic manager a note and stuck it in her box this morning. She probably won't find it until monday morning if she bothers to check. If she doesn't look in her box, then it isn't my fault that they're unexpectedly short a person Thursday. I may need a job but my first loyalty has to be to my family. Blood's a hell of a lot thicker than the ink that signs my checks.
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Since I was fairly young, I always thought I wanted to be a vet. I figured that since I could deal with animals on a daily basis that it would be a satisfying line of work. At Companion, a great deal of my work was just looking after the animals. The owners seemed to be fairly well-off and at least respectful of the staff. At the vet clinic I work at now, there seems to be a very different sort of clientele. Some of it is probably due to the fact that I’m less willing to put up with stupid people, especially stupid people who own pets and don’t take good care of them. Today I was almost to the point of telling someone to go fuck themselves. I just don’t get it; if you keep animals, you should care for them, as they can’t buy their own food or call the vet when they’re sick. Maybe it's because my new job throws me a little more into the thick of things that I notice more how truly ignorant some people can be. Part of this is probably dissatisfaction stemming from the fact that I still don't know some parts of my job. Some of the restraining and most of the cleaning I know, but most of the lab and tech work? hardly at all. I find my favorite things are running the tests and filling prescriptions. I'm thinking about switching to pharmacy, as the prospect of having my face next to a dog's rear daily and facing the risk of being bitten every time I handle an animal don't really thrill me. and frankly I feel kinda.....dead.....lately. I don't know if it's the job, dealing with my dad (and mom the mini napoleon) after his surgery, my black hole of a room or that for the past week I haven't really been able to talk to anyone who wasn't family or co-worker. I'm tired of living like I'm dead. (by the way, I read slaughterhouse five this weekend....nice mindfuck book.) I want to get out and do something, but I always feel like I have to: clean my room, lose 20 pounds, change this, do never ends
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"working interview" on wednesday for vet clinic, errands tomorrow. My summer vacation is coming to a close. boohoo. i want people to update so i have something new to read. I guess that's kinda selfish but i'm kinda bored.
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Wow, it's been so busy around here... I hardly know where to start. I have a job now; I work at a vet's office as part of the kennel assistants 4-6 on weekdays. I've been working for 2.5 weeks and I can't wait to get a paycheck finally. I have to work Saturdays 8-3 because I can't work tuesdays (therefore a full week) due to band (Thanks so much Mr. Jerkbrains). Pretty much I NEVER get to sleep in unless there's a holiday. I have to wake up by 6:30 weekdays and saturday (I have to leave by 7:15- 7:30 because it's across town) and by 8ish on Sundays. I seriously miss my saturdays. I wanted to be able to work some weeks every weekday but Mr. Turdhead's band rehearsals cancels that. He was already kinda pissy when I said I'd have to work this past tuesday because I'd already rescheduled so I could go out on my anniversary. I resent him thinking band is actually a class I intend to put extra work into. It sucks because skipping rehearsal hurts your grade, but going does nothing. Band is the only class that requires extracurricular work at school. I know Paxon doesn't give a flying rat fuck about my sanity, but I do damnit. In other news, Scott and I finally hit one year of dating and not killing each other. Friday sucked makor big sweaty hairy monkey balls. (more later, it's late). I went trick or treating with Becky in her old neighborhood (rich people give out good candy). I got all the Halloween costumes done, but not without me breaking down two days later from stress and sleep deprivation. Imagine your whole back getting a charley horse. Enough said. English grows more onerous by the day. Chaucer sucks and I still have to write a paper discussing the general prologue from the psychoanalytical perspective. Ech. And I just finished revising an essay tonight on Hamlet. I wish the teacher would pick either someone I don't read for fun (like Shakespeare) or someone who didn't write in what we would consider pidgin english or so antiquated the language is hard to understand. Um. That's about all the major stuff I can think of. I'm going to bed. More updates possibly later.


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