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I think some of my impetuous in writing is so I can create a nearly perfect guy. And I did. And damn, if I wasn't having him marry one of my main characters....No, it's okay. I still <3 him. Because he's still one of my characters. And he's still wonderful. Don't worry, he's almost done with college, and she'll finish her degree....once I write my last major event! Muahahahaha! I'm going on 45,000 words though...this thing's going to be bigger than I thought. How did I ever think I *couldn't* write 50K?!?

Damn. I think I'm addicted. What Who am I going to write about after I send Rowan, Mamoru, Tamotsu, Midori, Yuriko, and Takeshi off to live happily after all? They're like my...creations. I love them all, but once I get them to happy, there's probably not a whole lot I can do with them, since I'm writing mostly empirically. Even writing some of the upcoming scenes isn't going to be easy. Midori is actually an adaptation of a character I created in either middle or high school, and so that idea's more or less shot. Most fairy tales have been worked to death...argh.

Ah, I need to focus. And to write. Maybe one day I'll post the novel online, in its rough draft, with only a few minor corrections for continuity. Or maybe not. I'm not sure yet.


Nov. 15th, 2007 04:08 am
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So, for those of you who don't know, I'm writing a novel. No, I'm not publishing it. No, I probably won't let you read it all. I'm going to post an excerpt, but you're warned, it's probably considered NSFW...


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