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Really need to get back on the diet thing, as I have stocked my fridge again. When my brother and Lindsay leave for their new home in Vermont, I may be able to.
In other news, family's situation is bleh. Don't want to go into details, but financially it may be tough for a while. Really need a job and am still looking in Gainesville. I saw the house my friend has offered and it's plenty big for me although it will need a good bit of cleaning (I'm assuming that's from the last "tenant"). Can't bitch about the rent though.
Got doll stuff finished and sent. Deadline isn't until 16th so ahead of schedule. Am also doing triathalon and ran too close last time so need to work on #2 tomorrow.

Things I want in a house: claw-foot tub, window seat, new plumbing, BOOKSHELVES, a real pantry, a closet that can be walked in facing forward.
If I ever have a wedding, bridesmaids' dresses = infinity dress. No hassle about styles really so long as we all agree on guidelines (ex shoulders covered, no halters, whatever).
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I'm a slacker with the whole diet thing. Yes, I know. I ate too many carbs yesterday - I think it was because I really wanted sushi and I didn't have it, so I ate more than I should have to make up for it. Oops. Today I had my sushi (wholefoods has surprisingly good sushi) and I had mochi yogurt for dessert - so dinner is salad + chicken, most likely.

Anyway, saw on someone's facebook the Tumbleweed tiny houses. I checked it out and was loving the Whitbey house. It's listed as a 461 sq ft plan, with a loft over the first floor (loft isn't counted because the sloping ceiling makes it "not habitable"). Part of me was plotting ways to scrape up the money and find an open piece of land, and then I realized something. My apartment is bigger than that house. I have roughly 600 sq ft, and I want to move into a house 2/3 the size of this place? Considering I complain frequently about how I never have enough room, it shook up my perspective. Maybe it's not that I don't have enough room, but that I don't have enough storage (that I have too much stuff is obvious and will go mostly without saying). Holy cow. 600 square feet! That's luxury! So I'm plotting/planning to reorganize a bit, using what I already have, since I can't afford to spend money, really. We'll see how this works out. I'm kind of excited.
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Shopping trip win: Mallowcreme pumpkins and TWO wallace and grommitt videos at under $5 a piece!

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I found some podcasts from Ravelry that people really seemed to like, so I figured I'll give them a shot. One is classic literature read for crafters.

I cannot wait!

(I'll post recommendations later ^_^)


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