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So although I've only had two actual boyfriends, I think I've begun to formulate a general rule of thumb for dating someone:

Never date anyone you wouldn't want on a two-person road trip.

Basically, a relationship is sort of like a road trip; it's the two of you together and no one else. You could ask for opinions on where to go or what to see, but the decision and the act of actually going somewhere is something that only the two can decide, and hopefully mutually.
If someone bores you to death in a car, they'll probably bore you to death in a relationship. If they insult you for a long time and then try to make it up to you when they want their way, it's going to be difficult for you to want to do something mutually beneficial. If you can't talk things out and have real conversations, it's stifling to both of you and you both probably need to get out.
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maybe we're just trying to figure out how we ended up with losers who cheat, lie, and screw us out of everything before dumping us for the next vict-I mean, "relationship".
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a stupid and probably totally irrelevant list that I will later recant someday, but here it is anyway...
Top Ten Things GreenEwok is looking for in a guy:
1. Confidence
in your self, your abilities and decisions
2. Intelligence
smart guys are dead sexy...
3. Thoughtfulness
you'd be surprised how little effort this actually takes sometimes. Say it with me: Flowers. cheap ones even. Hell, if my last boyfriend had simply plucked a handful of dandelions, he probably had no idea how happy I would've been with that.
4. Sensitivity
if you just sit there and listen, sometimes it's more effective than trying to fix the problem. or trying to anesthetize the problem with Ben & Jerry's.
5. Passion
everybody's got to have something that makes their heart beat a little faster, their palms sweat, or their hair stand on end. Is it coding? cooking? writing? skydiving?
6. Imagination
What do you think it would be like to go someplace exotic? to try something out of the ordinary? to be something different? to do something different?
7. Determination
you've got to know where you're trying to go or else you won't get there
8. Humor
life can be a real bitch sometimes, and it is the graceful man who can laugh at his own mistakes.
9. Realistic Perspective
if you're afraid of heights then maybe you aren't best suited to be a pilot. but even if you feel can fly a plane in your sleep, you have to know what hazards or obstacles might be in your way
10. An Open, Caring heart
None of the above means a damn thing if there isn't love there too. Love your family, love your pets, love your best friend.
and bonus!
11. Blue eyes, nice arms, and a dazzling smile.
A dazzling smile comes from inner happiness; nice arms to give hugs or help; and I just happen to like blue eyes, genetic predisposition or not. :)

So anyway there you go, one terrifically useless document that will probably never be seen by more than two people. But who knows, maybe someone will see it...


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