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all the knitting on the dress is done! yay! I didn't procrastinate my ass off!
I gotta line it, the pattern is kind of holey and that's not totally ok for a little kid. anywho mom suggested I do a little purse as a toy/accessory which i think is a good idea. I'm going to do it envelope style and i'll either buy a button or use this really cool shiny one i have in my stash (that i was saving for ME for later but w/e). so joanns tomorrow to buy fabric and hopefully not get carried away, haha.
I also need to call some places I interviewed and see if they want to give me a job or not. I hope so. *crosses fingers* I can't afford my textile habit without income.
in not so happy news, my wrists are hurting (probably all the crocheting, knitting doesn't really bother me), my pinky has the beginning of a callus and my jaw really hurts. I need to call a dentist soon and get my stupid teeth taken care of. I also need to make sure I like whoever it is, because I'm also going to ask if they can give me a mouthpiece or something to make me quit grinding/clenching my teeth so my jaw won't be sore. My own damn fault but I totally don't even realize i'm doing it anymore. probably wasn't a wise idea to try to replace the "wanting to chew on everything" nervous habit with "grinding teeth and clenching jaw".
But who cares, I GOT THE DRESS DONE!!
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I got 4 inches done on the dress and then realized I'd knitted a very pretty totally unusable moebius strip. So I had to rip it all out, during which the yarn turned into a GIGANTIC knot. I spent seven hours unraveling said knot only to have the strands start tangling themselves at the end. At that point I cut the raveled bit out, said screw it and went to bed.

Now I get to start all over again. Fun.

Deadline: 7/25 20 days
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Ok so quick run down:

Ogawa Miharu: Skirt is done, except the front pleat doesn't lay flat like I want. I may have to stitch it in place. Jacket is about half done; I have sleeves in but still need to put in one front facing, back facing, trim, buttons and pockets. Plus it's got to be hemmed. The sleeves didn't go in smooth like I wanted because the pattern was a bitch to work with on that, so I made them girly-poofy and decided to call them a "design element". Ha ha. Shirt hasn't been cut out yet but that's what I'm planning to do Tuesday night (hopefully). Blargh cutting.

Kuchiki Rukia: Gi and hakama are here! Also, bokken is spraypainted white, but I need to fix the tsuba. I don't think I can carve out the design on the tsuba- not with the amount of time I have so I will probably paint the "open" parts black. Doesn't mean I won't carve it out someday just not today. Need waraji, which I will probably make in the car as I'll be sitting for 2 hours. Suki's not keen on real waraji, and if it doesn't work I have some lace up mocs I got at Hoggetowne. Still need to add white collar and sleeves, plus white sword belt. This should be fun!

Seras Victoria: Almost done with one patch (4 letters + overstitching to go). I still need the other patch and the armband. I don't have the harkonnen either. I am considering not taking this to the con and maybe going to J-con with this when I have more time to fix it up. Miharu has taken a lot of time plus I've been in the doldrums with school and personal issues. Also, Seras requires more effort on the wig and stuff....more equipment to have to carry. I love my fangs though.

That's the lot. Also I've spent an OBSCENE amount of money on these. I'm going to have to work a lot to get money for con shopping.
In other news, I am now addicted to SkipBeat. This one and Ouran are my current manga obsessions. I think I will start on Rounin Kenshin soon (as in AFTER megacon).
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So I want to cosplay as Miharu Ogawa from the comic Red String. I'm doing Miharu's school uniform, which is a light green blazer, dark green skirt, white collared shirt and dark green tie (There's a lovely shot of it here. I have all the material (which is amazing since normally I'm so picky I wait and never seem to have what I need when I need it).
Today I got almost all of the blazer completely cut out! Yay! Also, I was using a rotary cutter instead of scissors. It'll take some getting used to but it seems like the rotary cutter may be very good for getting a smooth (hopefully precise) line. My only problem is that it seems to be really easy to veer off the cutting line, although I think part of that is due to having to add 1/2" of seam allowance. I was kind of confused since the pieces were all marked "Seam allowance included". I'm going to make a post on the forums to ask about that. Anywho, that went relatively painlessly...which makes me a bit worried! More after next Thurs/Tues!
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I started knitting. Well, more accurately, my roommate started knitting, and then I thought I should pick it back up too, and Suki brought her knitting over, and then we remembered like two other friends who knit....
I'm thinking we could probably start a knitting group just with people we know.

By the way, I still have no idea how to purl. I think I'm going to ask for help in exchange for a sewing commission, which I still need to do.


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