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One of my favorite bloggers, Yarn Harlot, mentioned in her annual Canada Day post, that one of the things that made her proud about her country is that same-sex marriages are legal.
I'm going to give my opinion here, with the rider that I welcome thoughtful comments (with citations, please) but not flames. Click if you wish to proceed.
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Dear residents,
We were so happy to have you as residents this year at the University Residence Halls. There are a few things that we ask you to keep in mind as you move out.
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Once you've checked out properly and turned in your keys, said goodbye to your RA and packed your car, we hope you will have a safe trip home!

The Desk Assistant
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Dear Residents,
Welcome to the University residence halls. We hope you will enjoy your stay. Please allow me to address a few issues that will help you have a happier living environment.
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Welcome to On-Campus Housing!
One of the Desk assistants
(who is here at 3:30 am, because all the desks are required to be staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week)
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I hate home football games.

Why, you ask? Why do I hate a nauseatingly boring game taking over my town?
Let me enumerate.

One - every home game, I have to work from midnight to 8 Saturday morning. Every time there's a home game I can't find parking because the bloody University is more concerned with its former students rather than its current ones and kicks everyone off the top two floors of the red 3 parking garage. This ensures practically every spot near work in which I could legally park is taken. Usually the occupiers of these spots are freshmen who don't need their cars here anyway.

Two - Every home game, the streets fill with a riot of orange and blue game-goers, tailgaters, and such like. Well, you comment, this is a good thing, community spirit and all. No. This is a bad thing. A very bad thing. I live on a road near campus, which most of the time is wonderful as I can walk, bike or take the bus to class. During home games, my busy arterial road becomes a parking lot. I can't move my car during home games or I won't have a place to put it, especially for the four hours directly before and after the game.

Three - Lots of tailgaters mean lots of drunken people. I have no problem with drunken people being in aforementioned state, so long as they are responsible and in an area where they do not pose a threat. I consider unintelligent, intoxicated people playing "catch" with a football in the road in front of my car a threat. My brakes are decent, but my reflexes may not be. I also don't care for people playing beer pong or that infantile beanbag game that I suppose is funny when you're drunk enough to like football.

Four - lots of fanatics and casual supporters and students all in the same area produces a lot of trash. This is supposedly why SG and the University supplied these areas of campus with many trash cans and other waste dispensers. This number includes cardboard temporary structures only for "game day". Are these bins, cans, boxes, and bags used? No. Obviously it is much more important to not miss a single second of overgrown boys stretching and being put through their paces like show dogs than to actually throw away the food wrappers and solo cups (which could be recycled).

Five - The line of players tromping into the stadium is treated with an amount of attention more befitting a graduation. It's not an "event" people. It's a bunch of young guys walking into a football stadium. That's it.

Six - If the team wins (which they often do), every person equipped with a horn on their vehicle feels the need to vicariously celebrate the accomplishment of a bunch of boys they don't know by honking their horn. Loudly. Over. And over. And over. Also, it is apparently important to inspire morale and add to the "team spirit" by honking before the game begins as well.
I did mention I live on a major road, correct? Also, that I'm stuck working this absurd midnight to 8 am shift which means I sleep during the day, I did mention that as well, did I not?

Seven - This is a personal prejudice, but I was born in the merry merry month of May. Why was I born in May? and why does this matter in a post about football games and my detestation of them?
Count back nine months from May. I'll wait.
Now, do you notice something about this? Obviously, I couldn't have been born during the fall like many of my classmates in elementary, middle, and high school. Do you know why I couldn't have been born in the fall?

Because Heaven forfend that my parents have to give up a football game once a year for their child's birthday or birthday party. My mother claims it was because she didn't want to be pregnant in summer. This is obviously a lie, as August is not only summer, it is the hottest part of the summer particularly here. It was because they didn't want to miss a single one of these adolescent displays of excess and ennui.

rant alert!

Mar. 9th, 2006 03:01 pm
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So I was walking back from chem lab and I saw the anti-choice "Abortion is genocide" display, complete with pictures of aborted fetuses. What a load of bullshit. I disagree with their display as much as I do their position. Allow me to enumerate why (especially since I should be studying right now):
Webster's Dictionary defines "genocide" as the systematic killing of, or a program of action intended to destroy, a whole national or ethnic group. Abortion, because it is not associated with any race or nation, therefore cannot be genocide, according to the definition of that term. Comparing a woman's choice not to bring a baby into the world to horrific events such as the Holocaust or the Rwanda's Tutsi massacres is demeaning to the survivors of those events.
Displaying graphic picture in an open area is not conducive to a "family friendly" atmosphere. No one wants to be forced into viewing these graphic pictures. Little children who see these images will either: not understand and may ask their parents/guardians about it, which may bring about sex education much sooner than the parents felt ready to discuss it; or if they already understand may be aghast at the gory pictures-not because they are of "beings with rights" (which the law does not even give children the right to decide where they want to live in custody cases or in the case of foster homes) but because the pictures are bloody and are intentionally chosen for shock value. Isn't that a heartwarming thing, to give little Sue nightmares about blood and guts.
Proponents of anti-abortion/anti-choice (who like to call themselves pro-life because it sounds better) claim that women who become pregnant should be able to deal with the responsibilities of their choices. They are. Abortion is a choice. The women who choose this don't want to bring their child into the world for some reason. Perhaps they feel that they would not make good parents and that there are so many children in orphanages and foster homes who already need a home. Maybe they feel that the child would never have any quality of life due to their own previous mistakes (disease, drugs), or perhaps the pregnancy is the result of a forced encounter that the woman would not ever have chosen. There exists the possibility that, for them, to attempt to bring a life in to the world would very likely destroy theirs-or even kill them.
For those who say women should be celibate if they don't want children, I have to inquire if they themselves remained celibate until marriage. If this position is based on biblical reasoning, I ask them to read some of the passages in context of the times. Mary, Jesus's mother, would have been probably 15 at the time of the annunciation. Girls generally married soon after their menstrual cycles began, which started later than most girls do today (today's median age of menarche is about 13). So theoretically by the time most girls were in a position to be physically attractive and attracted, they would already be married. If a married couple decided (for whatever reason) that they would not be parents, they're allowed to have intercourse-that's one of the prerogatives of marriage. The Bible doesn't say that God will punish couples who don't have children, whether by choice or by nature. If that is the decision they have made, they should be allowed to dictate what occurs in their household. (Additionally, there was an article on AOL news that showed that in states that required parental notification in the event of a minor's pregnancy, the parents actually encouraged their daughters to have an abortion, even when the daughters were uncertain about having the procedure. So much for preventing abortions.)
Since the passing of Roe v. Wade, there have been less abortions, and less botched (illegal) abortions. Abortion itself is not a "newfangled liberal hypocrite" invention; it has been around hundreds of years. Medieval women would use concoctions of tansy to abort a fetus, and victorian prostitutes would use a harsh alum solution as a douche to prevent pregnancy. If women want to terminate their pregnancy, they're going to do so. It's in the best interest of the woman and the country to allow her to have an abortion in a sanitary environment by a trained professional, instead of a back alley with a coat hanger. It is demeaning to tell women they are nothing more than breeding machines whose own feelings are irrelevant because the government (read: uber-conservatives) thinks a parasitic piece of tissue is more important than a living human being. As this issue is largely trumpeted by the "moral right", I feel that I, as an American citizen, should not be forced to follow the morals of the party in power's religion. The Bill of Rights prohibits the government from choosing a religion; therefore, the government shouldn't be allowed to impose morals of a religion on its citizens, insomuch as the citizens' actions are not harmful to other living people and do not destroy public order. I don't think of a fetus, or a zygote, or an embryo, as a person. After all, pregnant women say "I'm going to have a baby" not "I have a baby". So a baby doesn't exist until it is born by coming out of a woman's body. If it isn't a baby and therefore a person, it has no rights to any sort of protection, any more than a uterine tumor has.
Also, pregnancy isn't easy. It is difficult and can cause changes that never reverse themselves (such as diabetes and hypertension). Anyone who feels that women shouldn't be allowed to have abortions should have to assume all the pains of the pregnancy they want to continue. Once the baby is delivered, there's no guarantee that the government will help the mother to provide for it. Our school system is one of the worst among all industrialized nations, minimum wage can't support a mother and child, childcare is expensive, and there are many children who wait in orphanages or foster homes because they were abandoned or their mother is unable to care for them. If people are going to advocate against abortion, then they should also be advocating for more children and family services, especially for single mothers. But they don't.
I'd like to extend the invitation to all anti-abortion activists to now remove their heads from between women's legs and to find a new cause to champion. How about SUVs that pose a threat to other, living, people?
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I just found out I get to share the room with the fifth person that I barely know in two(?it may only be one) weeks, AND this one's staying the entire weekend! JOY. God what did I FUCKING DO TO DESERVE THIS!??!? right now I want to hurt someone (oh can't you guess who) very very badly.....besides she's already sick and been hacking and coughing the entire night and refuses to take anything for it. I dunno why maybe it's not organic? I don't get to sleep because modern medicine's not good enough apparently. and now on the one chance I might have to recover my sleep debt, I get: another fucking roommate! I want to scream I want to yell I want to publicly denouce her and kick her out of the room but I can't do that, unfortunately she pays for the room too. I'm tempted to see if I can get a psychiatrist to agree I need a single for my mental health. I will get a single, no matter what I have to do. I'm going to ask the housing guy at Hume what the different deadlines mean so I can be on as soon as I can to get that room. I have a quiz I should be studying for and a bunch of math assignments but I needed to do this first.
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Things I've learned from dating my boyfriend:
-Don't expect others to follow through on what they've agreed upon. Ever.
-Don't expect chivalrous behavior; chivalry is dead. No doors opened, no helping hand from the car.
-Common respect isn't common.
-Expect to give and give and give, money and time and effort. Don't expect anything in return. You provide everything.
-Having manners and being presentable supposedly keeps one from being "real". (real what?)
-No matter what, there's always an excuse.
-Who cares about other people? Consideration for other people's feelings and concerns isn't necessary.
-The only reason he's dating you is because no one else will think of him as boyfriend material.
-You're not pretty. He doesn't think you're beautiful either but he'll tell you that you are in hopes of getting some action.
-You're too weird for most people, so I guess that means you have to stay with him because no one else will take you.
-Yeah, you do look fat in that. And he wants to help you take it off.
-No one loves you the way you are. No one ever will.
-Anger, whining, and a pout will get most people sucking up to you.
-Work is for losers, you can always find someone to: do it for you, make it easier, or let you out of it altogether.
-No one cares about what you want. What he wants-and won't tell you- is of course vitally important.
-He thinks decisions that are not universally approved of are tantamount to death, so therefore he won't make any decisions.
-You should consider yourself lucky to have him.
-It's ok for him to criticize you for eating junk food after you've admitted you need to lose weight, but God forbid you criticize him about anything, especially his clothes that make him look like a 10 year old or his nonexistent table manners.
-Nothing is more important than the trinity of PC, Xbox, and PS2
-It's fine for him to ignore you but damnation upon you if you don't give him 29 hugs and kisses the instant you see him.
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So, it looks like the House has -again- approved a bill to create another amendment prohibiting "the physical desecration of the flag of the United States". Not only would this repeal a 1989 decision by the supreme court, but endangers the first amendment's free speech. I know that burning a flag is not speaking, but the act of burning is symbolic, just as the flag itself is symbolic. The flag represents a country where we proclaim to embrace freedom, to celebrate diversity, and to allow liberty for all. By banning the burning of the flag, America becomes an international hypocrite. With this bill, the physical substance of the flag has been confused with the symbolism behind it. The supporters claim that the increased patriotic sentiment will garner public approval, which it may for a short time. As the public realizes what they have lost, they may regret their previous approval for a bill which places further restrictions on the American people.
After 9/11 (which was tragic, yes - but have we really grown from it? or is Mr. Bush, the President, playing on our sympathy to force his restrictive and invasive measures through the legislative system?) the Patriot act was passed, which essentially allowed the government to monitor our reading material, internet browsing, purchases and other assorted data. The need for increased security measures and better inter-bureau communication was blatantly evident, but the Big Brother-esque micromanaging is rather frightening. More alarming is the similarity of the Patriot Act to legislation Hitler passed in 1940s Germany to establish himself and the nazi party as supreme, but I digress. The more restrictive and closely monitoring the government - particularly the republicans, who are loath to finance all these expensive little ventures and then shortchange the key programs- the closer America gets to an oligarchy or a dictatorship run by the very people who are supposed to serve the people and attend to the best interests of their constituents. The people too must be faulted for allowing their freedoms to be revoked without serious protest. Adolf Hitler said "Just as a hundred fools do not make one wise man, an heroic decision is not likely to come from a hundred cowards." Those who do not fight for their freedom even in the face of war will lose it. "As soon as men decide that all means are permitted to fight an evil, then their good becomes indistinguishable from the evil that they set out to destroy." (Christopher Dawson, The Judgment of the Nations )
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You want to know what depths society has sunk to? how 'bout suing two teenagers for over $900 because they left you some homemade cookies? Not a joke, my friends. I just can't believe that not only was the woman so ill-mannered as to refuse the girls' apologies and offers to pay he medical costs, but the judge actually sided with this rude presumptuous jerk!
Now, for those of you who would like to find this: the girls, Taylor Ostergaard and Lindsey Jo Zellitti delivered the cookies in the town of Durango, Colorado to several neighbors including Wanita Renea Young, who sued the girls after they delivered the cookies at 10:30 pm. The girls delivered only to houses with lights on inside. They had begun baking after chores were finished at dusk, approximately 9 pm. The judge who handed down the [asinine] ruling was Judge Doug Walker.
Incidentally in some of the googled sites I found, one of the girls is on her high school basketball team and raises livestock.
Sounds like a real hell-raiser to me.
--even better! I found this on (copied directly from the source-no changes made by me)
"If this frivolous judicial mishap bothers anyone reading this commment as much as it does me, write a letter to the following address(the office which appointes the judge) expressing your concerns and desire that the (inept, incompetent, immoral, unprincipled) judge in this case be stripped of his positon. The precedent this ruling represents is completely inconsistent with the moral values and ideal of samaritanship that we should be instilling in our children.
"Judicial Performance Commission c/o Steven W. Brittain, District Administrator Sixth Judicial District La Plata County Courthouse 1060 2nd Avenue Room #106 Durango, Colorado 81302
"Apparently, you can send the girls a donation via the address listed in this thread:
"or contact one of the local news agencies in that area, I's sure they can forward the donation."
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I hate this time at school. It's the time of the revisitation of the Inquisition, popularly known as Nine-weeks exams. The only teachers who give such exams, of course, are the very ones you despise the most. Like my band class, for instance. He took a number of ridiculously complicated rhythms and mixed them up with a bunch of scales that have entirely too many flats and sharps. He gave this to us on Friday. The test is on Tuesday. We have to play in front of him. Great. Not only do I have to play a bunch of rhythms I can hardly play alone, but I have to play them in front of that asshole, which means every measure is going to suck major sweaty donkey balls because I have really really bad stage fright. No, it does not go away the more I perform; it gets worse. If I have to speak or play an instrument, forget it. I can't hardly refrain from passing out, much less actually sound even half decent. I hate having to play; I don't even enjoy it at all anymore. As far as I'm concerned, once I graduate, I probably won't play again. It ceased being fun last year; now, it's just my personal form of torture. I'd rather take calculus than band, and you know how much I despise math of any kind. I wanted to take chorus this year, but no, my parents were all, "you don't need to be graded on singing" blah blah blah. I'd much rather be graded on singing, because I might *gasp* actually enjoy that! I get graded on playing, singing can't be that difficult once you know how to read music. The only thing I'd need to work on was being able to sing the right note. At least I know how to fix it if it's just my voice. With my crappy ass clarinet (which was used when we got it six years ago, and it's plastic- it's not even wood- and it's a freaking Yamaha, so practically by definition it sucks) it could be almost anything that's screwing up the sound: the reed, the keys, the pads, my fingers, my embouchure, or it just plain isn't working. I told my parents I hated it. They're like "you're stuck now. deal with it." Thaaanks. I should have known better than to expect ANY sympathy whatsoever from them. I asked if I could take voice lessons from a college student (so it would be cheaper) and they said "you got out of band so you'd have more free time, you can't go filling it up with stuff like that." No, me getting out of band was because I didn't want to march anymore. I had the extra time so I could do stuff I wanted to do, not just band band band all the time. I wish I could just get someone to work with me instead of against me. If my voice really does absolutely suck, then tell me "your voice sucks, stop trying to be a singer" and I'll never sing again. If it doesn't suck but could use a lot of work, then work with me! I asked Scott to help me, but he won't. I think he doesn't want me to be able to sing. Right now, though, it's one of the things I want most. And I can't sing, because I have a clarinet shoved in my mouth that I don't want to be there.
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Another year of school has begun. Whoopee. More torture. The teachers are (mostly) nice , it's the administration that "irks my tater" as one of my friends puts it. Today we wasted over 30 minutes in what one teacher described as a "Thou-shalt-not" assembly. As in: "Thou shalt not wear midriff baring shirts, thou shalt not wear spaghetti straps, thou shalt not leave campus early unless thou hast first wasted a lot of time in the morning trying to get through the (dubiously named) student services, an (my least favorite) Thou shalt not show affection for thine fellow human beings. And by the way, you are not alone, we are here to help you." Pardon me whilst I laugh my ample ass off at that last sentence. The administration is lying. They are not here to help us, they are here to keep us in our federally subsidized cells and herd us from cell to cell, yelling occasionally just to keep things fresh, you know. I told Scott I wanted to get an orange jumpsuit and put my student number on it. I do so thoroughly despise the administration, most especially the principal.
School obviously is major suckitude, not excepting the band which I am not marching in this year. I miss it some, but I really don't want to have to deal with Mr. "Unpronounceable Conglomeration of Letters who is a pain in the arse" any more than I absolutely have to. I wish I could sing instead, or even draw. But no, I promised my parents I'd take one more year of band. Boy am I regretting that. My parents are reaching new lows, even for them. Even the youth minister at church thought some of their attitudes were abnormal. Hey, I have to agree- who else plans their kid's birth around the University of Florida football schedule and then has the nerve to tell them that? He suggested I could write them a letter telling them how I feel. It's a good idea that would work fine with normal-scope parents, but seriously, I doubt that IF I took the time to write a letter and IF they got it, I doubt they would ever take the time to read it and even if they did that there would be any sort of favorable result. What would probably happen is that one would read it, get hyperoffended, tell the other one to read it, and they get offended, and then both of them gang up on me and scream and yell and cuss at me and follow me when I try to get away from the barrage for a minute. Yes, I am a sensitive person who doesn't take criticism well. Blame my parents who concentrated on Doogie for 20 frickin years. They still help out "poor wittle samwy" beacuse he's a chronic driftless moocher. He gets confused about where he's going in life for a couple of months, and they fix him up with happy pills and send him lots of nice cash. I go around for FOUR AND A HALF YEARS in a dark cloud (which only started to dissipate within the last few months) and I'm told to "Shut up, I don't want to hear about how unhappy you are, you have a roof over your head and food to eat, that's more than my schoolkids have, I don't want to hear you say stupid things like you want to kill yourself and waste my time with that bullshit, blah blah ad infinitum." Yeah, I just love the equality in this house. It makes me all warm and fuzzy... like the feeling you get before you vomit violently from food poisoning. I never like coming to this house in the afternoons. You walk in and the very walls are institutional and oppressive. Every thing is the color of regurgitated milk and oatmeal-beige. Beige walls, carpet, ceiling, baseboards, tile, everything except the wood, which would take too much time to paint. If the house itself isn't bad enough, remember I also have to deal with my parents. And they wonder why I spend so much time either away physically or on the internet.
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Hm. So today was orientation at my school. Of course, school doesn't start for another 2 weeks, but you have to deal with the administration today. My boyfriend asked me to pick up his stuff for him as he was flying to California for some national youth leadership thing on technology. I knew the teacher who was doing schedules (she did the pageant I was in for the school in January) and she was cool about me picking up his schedule. I go to get lockers, and Luda's doing those assignments and he knows Scott, so he didn't mind a bit either. I get to the textbooks in the library and the helpers find all nine books for both schedules no sweat. I go up to the check out counter, and there's the evil lady from guidance/bookkeeping who hates me, mainly because I'm white. She checks my books after I dig through my purse to find my id, because the sign on the door said you only needed a student number. I ask her to check out Scott's books too, and you'd have thought I wanted to set a fire in the trashcan or something. She said, "I can't do that. We aren't allowed to check out books unless you have a photo id." I told her he was in California, and he'd asked me to get it, and she could confirm it by phone if she wanted to. Well, she still won't do it, even after I tell her she can put them on my card, and I'll be responsible for them, AND the test coordinator, who taught both of us sophomore year offers to vouch for both of us. Finally, I said, "I have a note from him, will that do?" So finally, she checks in his books except for one because the barcode's coming off. I had to go get another one while she moved on to someone else, and then when I come back she acts like I'm wasting her time just by breathing. Plus, she tells me not to go into his locker, but to put all the books in mine. Grr. Stupid paraprofessionals getting all high and mighty, I just hate that. One of the teachers that I think is teaching my AP euro history class was standing there, she'd heard it all, I asked her what I should do about a locker since they're being torn out and replaced. She said, "If you're done, I would put them in your car and get the heck outta dodge." Which is more or less what I did, after I put the books in my car and went back to get my parking decal.
Anywho, about all the problems and whatnot I've been having with my boyfriend scott: I think they're all mostly resolved. Poor guy, he gets off the plane and an hour later he's having to read my vitriolic post. He said he didn't know that some of that stuff was bugging me, and that he was sorry. I admitted that part of it was my fault, and I said I'd do my best to work on it. So, hopefully we've got it all straight and we won't fight or anything about it all again. I was going to stay at his house last night, but his parents weren't home (they stayed an extra day because the flight from South Africa was overbooked) and his older brother was like, "that's not a good idea." Perhaps the voice of experience speaking, but still it was kind of a bummer. It's kind of ironic, because we do stuff while his parents are home, and then when we're actually planning not to do anything, we're told not to. Go figure!
Good news! I found a recipe for a Greek dish I wanted to make. Happy! :)

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